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  • ATOM: Monitoring Framework - ATOM monitoring server for near-real time collection of infrastructure and application metrics
  • Concurrent Tree Library - EXCESS Concurrent Search Tree Libraries.
    EXCESS’s locality-aware and energy- efficient concurrent search trees: DeltaTree and GreenBST, and EXCESS's experimental work-free and locality-aware concurrent search tree (BlueBST).
  • Data Structures Library - EXCESS C++ Concurrent Data Structures (Adapter) Library.
  • EXCESS Benchmarks
  • In-program energy measurement on Myriad2
    This application uses both the Leon and the Shave code. This application executes these operations when started: The Clock Power reset module is initialized. The memory is also properly set. The Shave(s) are started and stopped after 10 seconds. All rails are polled and several rails of interest are recorded Energy (in Joule) for the platform's cores and DDR are displayed at the end of execution
  • MeterPU - A portable "software-multimeter" library for C++. Its current implementation supports GPU-based systems.
  • Parallel Scalable Solutions - State-of-the-art software implementations of the most efficient lock-free / wait-free algorithmic solutions
  • Starpu-Ex - StarPU extended with power measurements by Monitoring Framework
  • SkePU - A skeleton programming framework for multicore CPU and multi-GPU systems
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